Hi there! My name is Fabiola and I write books for children, young adults and those who are young at heart. Fiction has always felt like a second home to me, and I believe that the more stories we read, the better we are able to understand ourselves and the world around us.

My mission is to create more space for imagination and inspire readers to discover their own creative power. Feel free to check out my projects!

When Daliah looks at people, she sees an explosion of colour. To her, feelings are like rainbows. Daliah’s gift also allows her to see creatures that are invisible to everyone else. But there’s danger afoot!

– Published as lead title by Penguin Random House Germany –


There’s a green light flitting about Lilienfels Castle's forbidden garden, but Daliah and Rahim are the only ones who can see this mysterious ‘nightfire’. They follow the apparition, and embark on an incredible adventure which takes them into a world stripped of all emotion. Daliah and Rahim fear that humanity itself might be in danger – and find themselves in a race against time to save the world…

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Foreign Rights

Daliah perceives feelings as colours, and longs to know everything about them. But just as her dream is about to come true, Belladonna disappears, and mayhem breaks out in Lilienfels Castle's magical garden. The guardian’s trail leads Daliah and Rahim into the Realm of a Thousand Colours, where dark powers are threatening the magic. The two friends soon learn that they can’t trust anyone on their rescue mission, least of all the Red Seer... 

Reading Sample
Foreign Rights


– Buchjournal Kids –

• Feel-good fantasy with a strong and confident female protagonist
• Magical colours, mysterious creatures, and a perilous adventure
• Strong message about the importance of empathy and emotions
• Revered as a page-turner by both adults and children alike